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My Friend Pedro Walkthrough | My Friend Pedro Hacked

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To those who want to have some nice action game in a 2D style of world so that you will be able to fully enjoy the wonders of old-school gaming, while you use modern graphics in the form of flash, then make sure that you go for My Friend Pedro. This is a type of action-platform game where you get to use a hero that has a mission to beat down thugs. He also has someone who wears invisible underpants and is holding a banana which will serve as your friend in need as he teaches you basics and tells you about what to do in the levels that you need to complete.

This is a very interesting game that is really perfect for those who just love to go and shoot some villains while they work their way towards the boss. What made this game more interesting is that you will be encountering some thugs along the way, and take note that there are a lot of them which is why you need to make sure that you will be playing well in this game before your health drops. This is a totally fun game where you can get a lot of weapons as well, and so as a special feature that will really make your game more badass than ever.

This game is known to be a very easy type of platform game that has no complicated controls whatsoever. This type of game will assure you a nice way to get a decent challenge thanks to the different levels that made the game. You also get you choose a level that you want to play once you unlock it which is why this is worth racking up scores and improving your skills as well. This game also has a nice tutorial that will properly guide you at first so that you will become more aware of how to play the game.

In terms of controls, the mechanics are really easy. You only use the letters A and D buttons to move left and right, respectively. Pressing W will make you jump which is a must on higher places, and there is a trick that you can do with it as well. Pressing S can make you dock which is a must to do especially if there is a table beside you while someone is shooting on the other side of the table. Pressing the spacebar will also unlock a very familiar type of feature to old gamers out there that will help you slow down time. This makes bullet dodging an easier thing to do, and you can do this anytime you want. The mouse pointer serves as the aim of the gun - move it to your desired target and press the left mouse button to shoot.

Take note that you can also use various weapons from knives to the finest rifles in the game just by pressing the button where it is designated at - much like most shooter games when accessing hotkeys. You begin with a knife and a handgun, and you get new weapons as you progress to make your game a lot better. Take note that guns have ammo which is why you must pick up the weapon of your enemy as you kill them. There is also a health bar, and you know what happens once it runs out; it can be refilled with a health kit that you can find along the way. Make sure you check out some Star Wars Games and Free Zombie Games asweel.

When on a certain level, newer features are getting unlocked so that you will become stronger as you face more challenges and wall jumping on some levels. However, there are also indications that there are also glitches in the game especially on the staircases which is why you must do your best to go up on some of the buildings. Hopefully, the developers make a nice update to this game in order to prevent this issue which can get you stuck if you can not even manage to get rid of the bug that can make your character dock for life under the staircase. But still, the challenges are tough and it will still be fun once you get into the action especially when there are lots of thugs that are hunting you. If you want an extra tip: try aiming at the head for an instant kill!

This is a classic game of platform-shooter game that will really put your challenge and bullet dodging skills to the test. Go to the modern underworld now, and beat the evil out of it by playing My Friend Pedro in top flash game sites. It is going to be a mission that you must complete by all means necessary.


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