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My Friend Pedro Walkthrough | My Friend Pedro Arena Hacked

Play My Friend Pedro Arena Game

The flash game for PC, My Friend Pedro, managed to attain quite a bit of popularity and attracted quite a few people to its side. Perhaps this is the reason that the makers, Dead Toast, decided to take the game to the next level and introduced My Friend Pedro Arena. The basic format of the game remains the same. However, new features have been added in this extension.

What the game is all about

While the name of the game makes it sound like one of those simple and childish games, the reality is quite different. It belongs to the fighting category and can get rather bloody at times. In the first edition of the game, which is My Friend Pedro, the player embarks on an adventure with Pedro, who is an imaginary friend (or specifically a banana). The adventure focuses on fighting gangsters and blowing them away. During the course of the game, you are required to do whatever Pedro says.

The game, My Friend Pedro Arena, still has the same concept and follows the same idea where you are supposed to combat gangsters. The only difference in this game is that the feature of the arena has been added to the game now. In the game, you will be seen making use of acrobatics, reflexes and shooting to ensure your survival while you endeavor to finish off your opponents. There are six levels in the game and the aim is to get the highest scores in these.

The arena mode that has been added to this addition will put your survival instinct at risk multiple times. It will be quite a challenge to survive in the game for long. During the game, you will be facing a multitude of threats. Your task will be to eliminate these threats while at the same time ensuring no harm befalls you. A rail gun has now been added to the game to enhance the goriness that you will be facing while playing the game. is the best website for playing ninja go games.

If there is one thing that you need to know about the game, it is the fact that you cannot shy away from violence and bloodshed. At times, it can get a bit too gory. Thus, if you are not someone who can handle such extremities even while playing, this is a game that you should stay away from.

While the basic moves of the games will be explained as you play it, if you require some preparation before playing, we will spell out the basics for you. This will ensure that before taking the plunge, you will be aware of what you are signing up for and can practice with your finger movements accordingly. This is important because if you are looking to beat the highest scores, it will only be possible if you move fast. Taking your time to settle on the keyboard will somewhat put a dent on your efforts.

The arrow keys or the keyboard letters of W, A, S, D will allow you to walk, jump and roll during the game. If you wish to slow down the time, the shift or space keys will work for you. Left clicking via mouse will do the shooting for you. The scroll wheel will allow you to change weapon. The numbers 1-7 can also be used for the purpose. In order to reload the game, you will have to press the button R and if you wish to pause it, it is the letter P that will work for you. If you think this game is too easy for you then Cat Mario is a MUST TRY!

The game that never gets old

There have been speculations that the next installment or extension of this game is being planned. However, no official confirmation has been made yet. The game is quite simple to pay as long as you can move quickly. The ultimate aim is to survive while eliminating your enemies. The game can be made better if a little bit more customization and weapons are added to it. However, there is no denying that it does make for an interesting albeit bloody game to pass your time.

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