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My Friend Pedro: play Hacked version to enjoy more freedom

G to toggle health - H to toggle ammunition - J to clip - K to teleport to mouse - L to get money increased

My Friend Pedro, presented by Adult Swim games and made by Deadtoast Entertainment, is a two dimensional side scroller gangster shoot-em-up game. The unnamed protagonist who is shown to be a gangster himself, is guided by a floating banana, named after the title, who is visible only to the player.

The game starts off in a ghetto environment with graffitis on the wall and dim lighting. Pedro greets the player and teaches the basic controls of the game in the opening level.

The gameplay is quite intriguing. The basic aim of the game is to roam the entire level shooting all the gangsters in your way, otherwise they will simply mow you down, restarting that particular level. The character has special abilities other than the normal running and jumping and shooting. He can jump off walls to reach higher grounds, and also go into slow motion mode while evading the bullets and executing the enemies. Likewise, the game allows the player to take a lot of hits, sometimes extending a single gameplay by obtaining health kits. Hence, there is a freedom for the player to either kill every single enemy, or rush through the level killing the few enemies that is needed for your survival.

The slow motion mode calls for an ovation as it gives any player as if he is part of an action blockbuster. Even the music goes so well with the slow motion effect, and is particularly useful in getting an achievement that requires to complete the entire games without getting even a single hit. Likewise, there are five achievements of which one I have mentioned. The other three achievements require mastery in the controls of the game, so the game can be replayable.

My Friend Pedro Hacked features a plethora of weapons such as a knife, pistols, uzis, a shotgun and even an assault rifle. The player can pick up ammunitions from the killed opponents and reload the weapons after a fight. You can also play Douchebag Workout 3 which is very fun and entertaining flash game.

Speaking of hacks, there are a number of key bindings that can be used to exploit the game. These are not mentioned in the game itself, but are generously provided by the game hack website where it is hosted. Although the slow motion mode is the biggest exploit of this game, without featuring any time limitation or such sorts, it is certainly a time killer as the player moves slowly.

The cheats are for toggling whether you have an infinite supply of ammo, or health (or god mode). But for such a gameplay with moderate difficulty, this is certainly a killer. The last and final one is the teleport to the mouse, which is, as mentioned teleports to where the mouse is pointing. This also means the character can go beyond the level boundaries too. This is probably to help the player in case a bug makes the player stuck.

Currently, it is still under development with updates from the developers. So, do hold your breath and keep waiting for this game as well!

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