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My Friend Pedro Walkthrough – a detailed guide


In this game, you have a friend name Pedro. Pedro is actually a banana. Pedro is invisible to everyone around him except you. That is how you have an edge over your competitors. Moreover, Pedro as much wants to beat the bad guys as you. So, he is very supportive of you. Pedro guides you through every step of the game. For example, he tells you where to go, when to jump and who to shoot etc.


You play this game with the four keys of the keyboard which are W, A, S and D. You use these keys to jump, move backward, roll and move forward. The left click button of the mouse is used to fire. You shoot and aim solely with your mouse. With spacebar you can dodge bullets and with the shift key you can slow down time so as to buy time to kill your opponents. The quality of you slowing down time is extremely beneficial and comes in handy in many difficult situations.


You have two tools which are a pistol and a knife. You can also snatch the pistols of the rivals you kill. You can use the numbers 1, 2 and 3 on the keyboard to switch between different weapons and use them effectively as per the requirement of the situation

This game is not for the weak-hearted or the sensitive ones. You have to have a liking for the guns and fighting etc.


Killing your opponents become difficult as you proceed. Finally, at the end, you meet the final boss, which is the most difficult part of the game. You beat the boss, you win the game. But beating the boss would not be easy and you would have to work hard. However, it is not impossible either. This is because as you advance you improve your skill and you also get hold of new and sophisticated weapons which will come in handy while fighting with the final boss.


It is set primarily in an urban area and you have to find your way through many houses and buildings. You have to be careful, though. You can find any opponent hidden beneath any table or lurking behind any door.


The graphics have been set a little bit dark on purpose to give a real feeling of the mafia wars or gun culture. Surely you would enjoy it.

my friend pedro walkthrough

If you get tired playing game, (which I am sure you won’t) you can leave the game and come back later and start from right where you left. You can also start a new game if you plan to start the game from all over the beginning.

So, this game is quite addictive. You would love playing this game. Once you start it, you would want to go till the very end. So, what are you waiting for? Type My Friend Pedro on your search toolbar and start playing.

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